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Jasper Wickham Oswald

Over at Mad Brew Labs, they're hosting one of those merry, mad RPG Carnival thingies. This month's spotlight is on Steampunk and Klokwerks.

Now, I've wanted to participate in past carnivals alongside so many of my online friends, but I've just not had the inspiration or the time.

This month, however, I've had an inspiration, and wanted to get it out to the universe at large while I still had the time (after all, the month is fast slipping away). My inspiration is for a character, one who is not all that he seems. Allow me to introduce

Jasper Wickham Oswald

An extremely nearsighted inventor who is highly self-conscious and mousey. He has created a set of goggles that feature custom-ground opticals that correct his vision to 20/20 and better! While wearing the goggles, he undergoes something of a transformation. No longer the self-conscious wallflower, Jasper becomes supremely confident, even heroic.

1) Jasper Oswald = Doc Zephyr

In this scenario, Jasper is one of the members of the team of adventurers led by the mysterious and dashing Doc Zephyr. Jasper is the geeky, extremely nearsighted gadgeteer/tinkerer who develops all of the gadgets for the team, including the teams signature airship, the Zephyr. He is never seen with Doc, and most assume that he prefers the 'security' of his lab/workshop. The other team members believe that Jasper's 'pot' is definitely 'cracked.' The secret is that Doc Zeppelin is, in reality Jasper Oswald He navigates the airship by means of hidden passageways and ladders so that the team never suspects that Jasper is the good Doc himself.

2) Jasper Wickham Oswald: the 'Aerial Torpedo, Righter of Wrongs.' Jasper has invented, along with his special goggles, an 'aerial backpack' which is capable of propelling him through the air.

These are two slightly different directions for a character that I would love to play sometime. I've never played in a steampunk setting, and I realize that my characterizations of Jasper lean a little towards the pulpy direction, but I do hope that these sketches may inspire someone else's games and that fun will ensue.
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