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Random News Table for May 22, 2009

Random News Table for May 22, 2009

A few years ago I was introduced to the Random News Table (RNT) from RPG writer, blogger, and all-around good guy Berin "Uncle Bear Kinsman." The RNT was one of the things that kept me coming back to his site, I was then introduced to the regulars there (who have since morphed into a loose group known as the 'Dire Paladins,' but that's another story).

I was looking for something to help me get a regular posting schedule in place, and though of the RNT. I contacted Uncle Bear about the future of the series, and he told me that with his current schedule, it just wasn't feasible to continue, and he agreed to let me pick it up.

How does it work, well, it's real simple: Roll a d6, then select the result:

1. In honor of the J. J. Abrams film, here are some Nifty Trek Items, courtesy of the QuasarDragon blog.

2. Star Wars vs. Star Trek

3. Fan-made CGI animated Star Trek episodes

4. The Society for Geek Advancement

5. An Interview with writer Will Murray, on the History of Pulp

6. How Sarah Connor Made the War Worse.
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