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The 50 Geekiest Movies

The site Masters in IT has posted its list of the top fifty geeky movies of all time. While I would quibble with their selection, I have decided to print their list. I have bolded the ones that I have seen.

50. Akira
49. Stargate
48. Spaceballs
47. Gattaca
46. Office Space
45. Fight Club
44. Run Lola Run
43. Memento
42. 300
41. Lucas
40. Sin City (well, most of it, anyway)
39. V for Vendetta
38. 28 Days Later
37. Battle Royale
36. 12 Monkeys
35. Blade (again, an incomplete viewing)
34. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
33. The Crow
32. Shaun Of The Dead (I've seen the intro, and the last 2/3 of the film)
31. Zombieland
30. Hellboy (and Hellboy II)
29. The Big Lebowski
28. Being John Malkovich
27. Highlander (most of it)
26. WarGames
25. Army of Darkness
24. Seven Samurai (and The Magnificent Seven, as well!)
23. Dune
22. Brazil
21. Sneakers (a personal favorite)
20. Revenge of the Nerds (I know I've seen one of them, and I think it was this one)
19. Hackers
18. The Alien Franchise (only the first two)
17. Metropolis (my all-time favorite)
16. Robocop
15. Primer
14. Pi
13. Ghost in the Shell
12. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
11. Ghostbusters (and GB II)
10. Tron
9. Batman / The Dark Knight
8. Princess Bride
7. Matrix Trilogy (really only the first one)
6. Lord of the Rings
5. Blade Runner
4. Serenity
3. 2001: A Space Odyssey
2. The Star Trek Franchise
1. The Star Wars Franchise

It's interesting to me that I've seen the top 12 films on their list.

(edit: I've updated the list as of 7/18/2012)
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